"The difference between a successful and a not successful company is the kind of conversations that are held amongst those who take part in it"

_Jorge P. Pinotti

Corporate Coaching

In the Corporate realm, Coaching opens the possibility to align two highly powerful qualities that are difficult to balance, being human and being efficient.

The purpose of Executive Coaching is to create coherent competent discourse that generates specific actions and reactions that are memorable, effective and sustainable. The discourse generated as a whole for the group will be more powerful than each one of its participants.  

According to the Gallup Management Journal’s Employee Engagement Index:


•Only 29% of employees are actively engaged in their jobs

•54% are not engaged

•17% are actively disengaged


Our training programs can be specifically tailored to the needs of our clients. Each program is an live interactive experience, with a systematic approach, that touches all participants on a personal level. Each participant learns to generate the specific context to meet the group’s objectives.

•At the level of a Working Group, the participants learn to generate unprecedented results together as a group, taking all Feedback as an opportunity and not as criticism. They accept new perspectives generating a group synergy that allows them to take advantage of their natural individual qualities, looking to make the group more powerful as whole than each one of its members.

•At the Executive level, our programs can maximize leadership success with applied key distinctions to help the individual generate context. The person is invited to apply appropriate concepts and use specific tools to maximize their creativity, level of commitment, effective communications, proactivity and productivity.

•At level of the Organization, the proposal is to align the company's employees views with that of its managers and leaders, based on the values and principles of the company. 


We would like to mention that mai creative respects and upholds the same confidentiality policy of its clients.