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"Roaring Reflections" is © 1996, Alan Wnuk, Sausalito, CA

“You cannot teach a man anything,
you can only help him to find it within

_Galileo Galilei

mai creative is a successful Coaching Consulting firm focused on stimulating creativity and maximizing leadership qualities in individuals that commit themselves to develop a specific set of skills to achieve extraordinary results.

The etymology of the word coach comes from the City of Kocs (Hungary) and shows up in French language during the 16th century. First used to name a type of carriage, it was later admitted into the English language, with other meanings including passenger car, transport or rail car.  

Thus a coaching process seeks to carry people from the place where they are to the place where they want to be. The coach simply accompanies, guides and suggests along their journey.

The purpose of mai creative is to develop enough specific context to help clients broaden their minds and find different ways of doing that will allow them to succeed and to reach their pre-established objectives.

Our Vision: We are the partner that inspires personal growth thru creativity.

Our Pillars:

Responsibility:  Ability to respond.

Integrity: Ability to live according to principles.

Commitment: Ability to make things happen.

Creativity:  Ability to make what is not visible, visible.

The theoretical focus of mai creative is a blend of several coaching disciplines. When these are used in combination they make a powerful tool in the task of generating creative innovation within individuals.  These disciplines are: Ontology of Language - Transformational leadership - Gestalt - Maieutics Socratic Method - Ontological coaching - Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)