"All our dreams can come true
— if we have the courage to pursue them"

Walt Disney

Life Coaching

In the day to day realm, Coaching opens the possibility of aligning an individual's actions with their personal goals. Life coaching helps real people set concrete objectives and  gives them the tools and mentoring needed to accomplish them.

The purpose of Life Coaching is also to help the individual develop their awareness and discover the self-imposed limitations that obstruct the path to reach their goals.

The Life Coaching process is an open invitation to anyone, individuals, groups, couples, families and friends, that wish to reach the goals they are not able to meet in any aspect of life. In turn, they recognize they are not able to do it on their own and that the best way to reach these goals successfully is with the guidance of a Certified Coach.


This would be an opportunity to live a profound transformation in the way each individual relates with themselves and with others.

Throughout this process the Certified Coach will promote intense soul searching focused on the future and on the possibilities that can appear in the future. He will look to really define the following:

Who am I?
•Where am I in life?
•What am I doing to live my life?
•What do I want to accomplish in life?
•Why do I want this in my life?
•Where do I want to see myself in life? 

The Coach takes the role of the listener and the mentor that inspires the clients (coachees) to reach their goals.  He challenges, comforts and always looks to find the perfect balance of discipline and kindness so that the coachee can transcend limitations and make their dream a reality.

We would like to mention that mai creative respects and upholds the same confidentiality policy of its clients.